Horse Lover's Getaway

Horse lovers will love the western/rustic decor of our ranch as well as the privacy and uniqueness of our private Log cabin ( Lukes cabin) or one of our private units (Cowboy Hideout or Pioneer room).

Two half-day rides for 2 people are included in this getaway. We will supply mountain trained horses, snacks and a drink for break time, instruction, tack and guide. Horses and type of ride are geared to your personal interest and riding experience (if any).Sorry weight limit of 225lbs. We do faster riding with those who are more experienced or want to try if they seem ready! To complete the experience you will be invited to share in the care and grooming of the horses before and after each ride. A pre-ride lesson is provided giving basic riding, handling and mountain riding tips.

After the rides you will enjoy relaxing in the rocker, enjoying all the nearby sights or even taking the llama for a walk! Don't forget all the great attractions of the region, too!

Also, we have a half acre pond for swimming/fishing with a picnic area for those who want to cookout or sit around a campfire. Enjoy the "critters" on this horse ranch as well! Llama, mini-potbelly pig, kitties, chickens, bunnies, goat, donkey etc.

Package Includes:
-Lodging for 2 people in your choice of Lukes cabin, Cowboy Hideout or the Pioneer room
-2 Half day rides on Ranch horses for 2 people
-Instruction and "Hands-On" experience with the horses
-Free afternoons to sightsee or enjoy the ranch activities

Package Rate:
4 nights- $699.00 plus taxes (priced separately would be $780.00) 
Add additional persons for $225.00 each